Our core operation principles are based upon the foundation of providing our clients with appreciable returns on their investments in comparison to our market rivals. Our team of professionals offers a high-quality service with cutting-edge market research and analysis, providing Index Financial Group with the tools to identify, manage and nurture investments, as well as develop sustainable long-term strategies.

Through our selection of securities, diversification of client portfolios and expert advice on creating and cultivating an investment, Index Financial Group has established itself as a market leader in delivering considerable returns to clients.

Our methodical investment strategies and in-depth research and analysis of the market allow our teams to identify undervalued investment options with a view to developing their potential.

Our extensive scrutiny of an investment’s current and potential future cash flows, management/operations structure and analysis of services/products offered helps us to determine its viability and prospective valuation.

With particular scrutiny placed upon future potential cash flow, Index Financial Group focuses on the profitability of an investment and its future plans for expansion and growth, allowing us to determine the long-term sustainability and security of an investment. Focusing on these areas, we carefully select investment opportunities for our individual and institutional clients, considering risk levels and future strategies to maximize an investment’s performance.

Amongst our requirements when seeking investment opportunities is determining whether the undervaluation is permanent or temporary. In our analysis, we look at both market conditions and the company’s long-term strategy for growth, incorporating the business model and company structure to assess whether the company has a solid base from which to grow.

In investing in opportunities which are temporarily undervalued but which have strong growth potential, Index Financial Group’s team seeks to cultivate growth and assist in its development in partnership with the company, offering professional advice and expertise derived from 30 years of successful financial and market experience.

Index Financial Group’s appreciable return strategy is also dependent upon the efficiency of an investment. As well as choosing a solid investment option, the timing of implementation is also fundamental to success. Taking into account market conditions, similar investment options’ performance in markets across the globe and general economic volatility, Index Financial Group seeks out opportunities which have a high degree of security and long-term viability.


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