Index Financial Group’s comprehensive governance structure has been developed over decades of practice to encompass transparency and accountability. With our client-based and stakeholder-conscious approach, we strive to provide a service which not only fulfills our legal requirements, but maintains our integrity within the financial and social areas in which we operate.

Index Financial Group’s investment consultancy team, consisting of professionals at the forefront of the industry with years of experience, is tasked with overseeing and developing our strategic direction, helping us to establish and adhere to ethical practices and uphold our stakeholders’ interests. Our operational structure maintains and upholds our core principles of transparency and corporate accountability, guiding our financial advisors, management and general employees to ensure we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

At Index Financial Group, we firmly believe in maintaining our integrity by investing in and partnering with entities and individuals who share our ideals. When evaluating investment opportunities and our partners, we assess and scrutinize both their operational structure and business practices by studying their history and researching previous dealings. We strongly believe that the proliferation of accountable corporate governance throughout the financial industry is dependent upon supporting and working with those who share our commitments to responsible business practices.


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