Over the past few decades, Index Financial Group has been altering the way it operates throughout the company in line with the international communities’ environmental concerns. From switching to clean energy to responsibly disposing of our e-waste, we take great pride in reducing our global impact. Through annual reviews of our operations, we identify areas for improvement and we frequently contract third-party firms to assess how we can further reduce our environmental footprint.

Whilst taking care to reduce our internal environmental impact, we also promote responsible practices externally. In our investments, part of our analysis into the viability and structure of the company is appraising their environmental policies. Index Financial Group’s assessment focuses on their environmental conduct as well as their long-term sustainability practices.

Operating an environmentally aware company mitigates certain risks associated with the company’s marketability and performance, and whilst the viability of an investment opportunity is not wholly dependent upon responsible environmental practices, it is a key area of our appraisal. In this regard, should Index Financial Group remain interested in an investment opportunity despite below-par environmental policies, we seek to secure commitments, often in the way of contractual obligations, to implement policies to improve their environmental impact.

Index Financial Group also invests in environmental initiatives at local level throughout the regions in which we operate, frequently partnering with third-party entities to not only improve our own environmental practices, but also to raise awareness throughout the community. Index Financial Group understands that the environment is becoming increasingly affected by human actions, and we seek to do our part to limit the negative impact we have on the world.


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