Our private equity department focuses primarily on mid-stage companies for investment. Employing our expertise and cultivating capital through a strong working relationship, Index Financial Group works with companies in which we invest to both realize its potential and develop a robust business strategy to ensure long-term growth.

By bringing together Index Financial Group’s institutionalized industry expertise and our company’s determination to succeed, we work with firms to develop a strategy to enhance the growth rate, thus increasing our investment’s prospects. Through this synergetic relationship, and our mutual interests, we actively seek to develop strategies and build a robust business model to secure the viability of both the company and our investment.

With every company offering a unique operations structure, Index Financial Group offers pragmatic advice built around the core constitution of the company, seeking to impart advice on future direction and strategy to help realize the company’s potential.

Index Financial Group is actively seeking to invest in these primary industries:

  • Renewable energy
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Natural resources
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer electronics

The characteristics Index Financial Group seeks companies to display are:

  • Between $10 million to $50 million in revenue
  • High growth rates with future potential to increase
  • High degree of market knowledge at management level
  • Innovative services/products
  • Robust operational/structural framework
  • Viable long-term business plan

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