At Index Financial Group, we understand that all successful investments begin with incomprehensive research and analysis. By studying the market, we look to identify potential investment opportunities which are in the early stages of growth, primarily in developing markets. By analyzing trends and interpreting data, we focus not only on market conditions, but also individual aspects of companies, such as management structure/efficiency, business model and future growth strategies, to ensure the investment will perform and produce the desired returns.

In identifying potential investments, Index Financial Group looks to partner with proficient entrepreneurs with acumen and experience in developing a company and cultivating it through the early stages of growth. At Index Financial Group, we believe that an investment’s potential is inextricably linked to those who manage it. Finding the right partners to pursue an investment with is essential in securing long-term sustainability.

At Index Financial Group, we typically initially invest in the region of $1 million to $15 million, with a view to increasing the amount subject to the performance of both the investment and company. When investing in a firm, we seek active participation, offering assistance in the way of strategic and market advice, whilst also participating in management-level operations and taking up a seat on the board of directors, allowing Index Financial Group to provide our expertise on company decisions to facilitate growth via our extensive network of market institutions and individuals.

Index Financial Group typically seeks out companies which display:

  • A capable and progressive management team
  • Consistent earnings
  • Innovative business strategies and future plans
  • Market acumen in identifying opportunities
  • Strong infrastructure

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