Index Financial Group holds our clients’ confidentiality in the highest regard. To protect your privacy and any personal information or financial data, we safeguard our servers and digital records with the highest level of security. We employ third-party technology-specialist contractors to inspect our systems monthly to analyze our systems and to also annually update and upgrade our systems to ensure the latest security software is at our disposal. With the rise of cyber attacks, Index Financial Group takes great care in maintaining and developing strong encryption on our information.

To facilitate your experience with us through our online presence and website, Index Financial Group uses cookies to track your preferences for our services. Cookies are designed to send small messages containing information from a user’s computer to our server. The information that cookies retrieve from you is collected to record your preferences and to help us assess our marketing strategies.

By collecting information on what you have looked at on our site, we are able to assess the demand for our services and also better understand market trends. As well as this, cookies are also used for administrative purposes, such as recording your preferences and how you like to have the information presented to you on our digital platform.

Index Financial Group would like to stress that cookies pose no danger to your privacy and do not collect personal or financial information. However, should you wish to disable the use of cookies on your computer, you internet settings can be adjusted to prevent their use on your computer.

We may, however, collect information from:

  • Forms filled out when joining Index Financial Group as a member
  • Records of conversations
  • Ongoing/completed agreements or transactions
  • Any general communications we have had

At Index Financial Group, we understand that your privacy is of the utmost concern and we believe that by entrusting us with your information, we take on an obligation and responsibility to secure its confidentiality. Through our robust and extensive security practices and our integrity as a financial services company, we protect your information with the utmost diligence.

However, should the situation arise, we are obligated to comply with any law enforcement or governmental agency requests when compelled to do so by court action.


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