Index Financial Group’s real estate department is structured around diversification. With the volatility of the real estate market in recent times well documented, we seek to identify opportunities based upon trends and risk management. Through diversification of portfolios, risk is more easily managed and future dangers to the overall health of the portfolio can be moderated.

With Index Financial Group’s real estate associates, we have operated and managed successful properties globally, from Asia to North America, whilst accumulating extensive knowledge on the real estate market enabling us to make the right moves at the right time. Index Financial Group’s ability to identify potential in the real estate market, and implementing an investment strategy to take full advantage, has made Index Financial Group a market leader in the industry.

When identifying a prospective real estate investment, Index Financial Group focuses on market analysis and trend interpretation, considering the true value and future development prospects of the property. When the investment is undertaken, Index Financial Group operates with a hands-on approach to its management, often considering capital injection should the property’s long-term potential offer an incentive to do so.

Index Financial Group typically seeks out properties in the region of $10 million to $20 million, with these types of properties often not receiving the market attention that their future potential demands.

Our real estate investment practices are built upon the principle of growth potential. We actively look to identify properties in markets with low risk of volatility, whilst also offering value for money and long-term viability. Index Financial Group’s real estate department looks to build on the foundations of a property and to invest in its future. With all investments there are risks, however, with the right research and analysis, the risks can be mitigated whilst the long-term potential can be realized.

When assessing the practicality of an investment in the real estate sector, Index Financial Group focuses on location, recent market performance in regards to similar property classes, structural integrity and potential future development. Scrutinizing market performance and evaluating the property, our real estate department weighs the risks and prospective returns when considering its feasibility for investment.

Whilst Index Financial Group has extensive experience in real estate markets across the globe, we primarily focus our attention on Asia, and more recently we have devoted more resources to Southeast Asia due to the inherent opportunities within developing markets.


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